Received this morning via NOAA-15 weather satellite at my SatNogs Ground Station.

On October 4th 2007 at 00:00 MESZ a balloon was launched from a team of radio amateurs at the Sternwarte Bochum/Germany. This is of course not really a satellite. It carried a beacon with the callsign DA0SPUTNIK which was transmitting information and audio recordings of the first artificial satellite Sputnik-1 which had been launched 50 years before.

Scott Tilley is a Canadian Ham that amazes me by his dedication to satellite monitoring. This video is a joy to watch and I can’t recommend it more.…

China Short Stories #china #photography #fujix100s #fujifilm

Nice radio contact confirmation from Chad, Central Africa #hamradio

Guimarães iPhonegraph Project —> #5 Mindelis' Stairs

#iphonegraph #photography #guimarães These stairs were painted by Monica Mindelis. She’s a Brazilian artist from São Paulo living in Lisbon ( You’ll find them near CIAJG - José de Guimarães’ International Art Center. Photo by Paulo Pinto (2020).…

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I think you’d like to know that my photography website is now live at @dominikhoecht

This is my working place.

China Short Stories #china #photography #fujix100s #fujifilm

Industrial archeological landscape (former dyeing unit) #iphone #photography

Guimarães iPhonegraph Project —> #4 The Factory

#iphonegraph #photography #guimarães Old Factory –> Fábrica do Arquinho. Rua da Caldeiroa. Photo by Paulo Pinto (2020).…

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China Short Stories 少林寺 #china #photography #fujix100s #fujifilm

Airshare - Transfer files cross platform under the same wifi –> here

China Short Stories #wuhan #china #photography #fujix100s #fujifilm

This is me making a shortwave radio contact with morse code!

—> @maique is a very talented man. I will keep this draw as my wallpaper to remind me of his kindness and friendship. His account, full of open-minded visions and a careful behavior towards his tinyMovieStar is my suggestion for Micro Monday.

What an headache today trying to fix Locale incompatibilities between my Mac and my Raspberry Pi. Mosh was refusing to connect and I thought it was a server-side problem. In fact, I got some perl errors to fix. But my CTYPE was “C” in the client-side. Why not en_US.UTF8?

I need a suggestion for a good Mastodon client for Mac OS. I’ve tested Mast but didn’t like it. I’m using Pinafore on my browser, but I would like to use a dedicted app. Anyone using Mastonaut? #mastodon #macos

Guimarães iPhonegraph Project —> #3 The Warrior

#iphonegraph #photography #guimarães Detail of a monument of homage to Gil Vicente and to the 500 years of the Portuguese Theater, an allegory sculpture by Irene Vilar. Photo by Paulo Pinto (2020)…

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Mobile version of my meteo page is ready

Now, on

After posting about 1Password, I got several tweets and toots and replies. @arh suggested Bitwarden, an Open Source Password Manager. I’m using it right now and you can even install it on your server. Great! Thanks Ali.

What do you think of 1Password? I’ve used it in the past but I found the workflow a little bit tricky. Can I trust Safari’s password manager? #security #passwords #1Password

China Short Stories #wuhan #china #photography #fujix100s #fujifilm

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