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Audirvana + HRA Streaming is a killer combo
Hardware is Mac mini M1, Chord 2Qute DAC, Rega Elicit-R Amplifier, Totem Sky Tower Speakers

Old Wall

Last Train Home

iA writer test

This is my first post using iA Writer ability to post to blogs using the Micropub API. #iawriter #micropub #microblog

Vecriga, Riga, Latvia x100s

Obsidian Checklist plugin works fine

New setup

Viana do Castelo, Portugal

Galicia, North of Spain

Faro de Cabo Home, Galicia

Faro de Cabo Home, Galicia

Geometry #0001

With #obsidian I began to connect ideas instead of collecting them. I just realized how unuseful is to have a bunch of PDF (or other) files in Evernote or Joplin just for the sake of adding them to my repository.

Thanks Scott for your post. Glad you like my photo. I appreciate it.

Geometry #002

🎵 “Sweet Little Mystery” by John Martyn

Using Alexis Rondeau’s PDF Highligths plugin to create author notes #obsidian

This is a great way to develop your own ideas from articles you read online #obsidian

This is the aspect of my Gemini approach to Commonplace.

@crossingthethreshold @herself it’s pretty straightforward. You use Spacemacs or any other editor to write your .gmi files. Gemini protocol is very simple (not so powerful as MarkDown but powerful enough). Then you need a Gemini browser. I use Lagrange. Then you just have to create your documents and relations. But as I found Obsidian, I’m beginning to use it for my Commonplace digital books, instead of using Gemini.

Rafael da Cocada

I’m starting a Zettelkasten system with #obsidian and I’m enjoying it. I think the process of learning new concepts is becoming the core of my online activity and that takes me away from scrolling the entire weekend.

I’m obsessed with Obsidian #obsidian

Dawn reflection at Queimadela dam

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