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Galicia, North of Spain

Faro de Cabo Home, Galicia

Faro de Cabo Home, Galicia

Geometry #0001

With #obsidian I began to connect ideas instead of collecting them. I just realized how unuseful is to have a bunch of PDF (or other) files in Evernote or Joplin just for the sake of adding them to my repository.

Thanks Scott for your post. Glad you like my photo. I appreciate it.

Geometry #002

🎵 “Sweet Little Mystery” by John Martyn

Using Alexis Rondeau’s PDF Highligths plugin to create author notes #obsidian

This is a great way to develop your own ideas from articles you read online #obsidian

This is the aspect of my Gemini approach to Commonplace. [@crossingthethreshold]( [@herself]( it's pretty straightforward. You use Spacemacs or any other editor to write your .gmi files. Gemini protocol is very simple (not so …

Rafael da Cocada

I’m starting a Zettelkasten system with #obsidian and I’m enjoying it. I think the process of learning new concepts is becoming the core of my online activity and that takes me away from scrolling the entire weekend.

I’m obsessed with Obsidian #obsidian

Dawn reflection at Queimadela dam

Let’s fix the Internet

Father’s Day

Stairway to Heaven

🏠 town main square

Changed my theme to allow webmentions display

I find @SystmCast (a podcast by @ttscoff) one of the most interesting audio products out there

Turn Left series or should I call it “Charms of the Night Sky”?

A good oportunity to interact live with @aral @laurakalbag and @DHH…

Black & White

Today, from 7pm GMT, come chat about the web and showcase your personal website! #IndieWeb…

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