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Let’s fix the Internet

Father’s Day

Stairway to Heaven

🏠 town main square

Changed my theme to allow webmentions display

I find @SystmCast (a podcast by @ttscoff) one of the most interesting audio products out there

Turn Left series or should I call it “Charms of the Night Sky”?

A good oportunity to interact live with @aral @laurakalbag and @DHH…

Black & White

Today, from 7pm GMT, come chat about the web and showcase your personal website! #IndieWeb…

My current avatar was made by @maique, a friend I met online that celebrates his 50th anniversary today. Maique is a wonderful person and I’m happy to read him daily. Happy Birthday!

Reading You Bright and Risen Angels by William T. Vollmann

dt is algo talking abt gemini…

Terminal client #amfora is also a nice alternative for #geminiprotocol…

Using #deedum as my iOS gemini browser

My gemini server is running with agate and my capsule is taking shape. More to follow. gemini://

Why don’t you make a gemini website? #geminiprotocol…

How To Install Nextcloud On A Synology NAS - Kev Quirk

Become an FSF associate member

Want to use Free and Open Source Software alternatives? Take a look at #privacy

This an aerial view of my town

Grieving two living children for 22 years

14th October 2020 09:44 Local Time City Hall Guimarães, Portugal

This is my working place. Where my life unfolds for the most part of the day.

A Day In The Life: photo challenge #adayinthelife

Want to use Free and Open Source Software alternatives? Take a look at

9/27 - Turning 55 today. Celebrating palindromes since I was 11 yo.

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