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@odd @helgeg @hollyhoneychurch @pratik @maique there's a track name "Close to Home" on Lyle Mays' firs solo album (later played in many venues by the Pat Metheny Group). I live in Guimarães (North of Portugal) since I was born but travelled a lot. There are places that I easily call "home". Being "close to home" is being in a place where I can find a true connection with life, being that a person, a dark sky, the sea or any particular smell. That's why I consider myself a neapolitan despite never having been there. To be "close to home" is to feel the presence of my only brother who I lost at the age of 15. Being "close to home" means having the people I love close by and taking with me the memories that make me the way I am.

Paulo Pinto @paulopinto
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