@pratik i stopped tracking all my habits. It's like being spyed by myself.

@tibz your wife has a huge talent and her design studio is awesome

@tibz Happy Easter to both of you

@tibz that's really sad. What a world we're living in.

@tibz beautiful Paris

@ohBananaJoe instructions are for kids only

@crossingthethreshold you have several online converters

@crossingthethreshold this may help stackoverflow.com/questions...

@maique Pedro e Ines is a classic

@maique @gregmoore that's a great idea full of artistic value. Congrats.

@maique I bought a manual coffee grinder (Peugeot) and I'm grinding the beans only when I want to have coffee. Then I put the coffee in the French press, brew it, and drink a delicious cup. Once in a while I drink a "bica" just to remind me how delicious is.

@gpittman yea, it is

@chrisaldrich what is your procedure to transfer marginalia in physical books to your digital archive?

@Burk there's a bug. I'm clicking OK and nothing happens.

@pimoore they are. I was referring to Wordpress. I should have mentioned it.

@Gaby HBday!

@maique In the North we call it "café" or "cimbalino"

@simonwoods You don't need an account and you can use Obsidian for whatever you want: Second Brain, Zetllekasten, LYT, Task Manager, Project Manager, et all.

@simonwoods that's one of the reasons that makes me love Obsidian

@maique that's unforgivable

@amit I keep it short by just saying what I'm doing now or my actual mindset.

@maique Granma was slow....but she was old!

@danielpunkass at the end, everyting resumes to a zero

@rennley Thor says "Thank you, rennley"

@peterimoore thank you so much. I think all the merits go to Thor. He is clever and strong.

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