paulo pinto dot page

@danielpunkass at the end, everyting resumes to a zero

@rennley Thor says "Thank you, rennley"

@peterimoore thank you so much. I think all the merits go to Thor. He is clever and strong.

@ohBananaJoe :)

@chrisaldrich I'm using the bookmarklet in Safari

@maique yeah! It's very cold tonite in the northern territories.

@maique Cold night. The window close kind.

@chrisaldrich are your comments in the webapge made using

@chrisaldrich i found the error. there's a point at the end of the url :) Thanks Chris.

@chrisaldrich page not found

@maique great! Semiotics...

@Gaby i'm in love

@maique yes it looks

@helgeg just arrived

@ohBananaJoe it is :)

@ohBananaJoe sehr schoen

@maique very kind of you

@chrisaldrich Reclaim Hosting is great

@cliffordbeshers very beautiful

@chrisaldrich that seems very interesting. Will take a look.

@cliffordbeshers Thanks.

@sku_b Thanks!

@maique obrigado!

@peterimoore indeed. It's a paradise.

@gpittman I understand your point. In my particular case, that does not apply.

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