@Munish hopefully

@amit many thanks

@amit it would be great to have an option to display our avatar at the left-upper corner

@pratik i agree

@vincent it seems that images are loading very slowly

@Mandalorian many thanks

@odd :)

@m hi :)

@jean indeed. @maique is a unique artist

@maique thank you mai ferend

@pimoore many thanks

@cambridgeport90 each one of us has to do what works for ourselves. If you need to track in order to perform, do it. Check this website http://aprilzero.com It seems its author takes the concept to a new level :)

@cambridgeport90 well, that is a valid approach. But I argue that if good habits have an impact on your daily life, we won't forget to perform them. But a log can be a good way to force their practice.

@pratik i stopped tracking all my habits. It's like being spyed by myself.

@tibz your wife has a huge talent and her design studio is awesome

@tibz Happy Easter to both of you

@tibz that's really sad. What a world we're living in.

@tibz beautiful Paris

@ohBananaJoe instructions are for kids only

@crossingthethreshold you have several online converters

@crossingthethreshold this may help stackoverflow.com/questions...

@maique Pedro e Ines is a classic

@maique @gregmoore that's a great idea full of artistic value. Congrats.

@maique I bought a manual coffee grinder (Peugeot) and I'm grinding the beans only when I want to have coffee. Then I put the coffee in the French press, brew it, and drink a delicious cup. Once in a while I drink a "bica" just to remind me how delicious is.

@gpittman yea, it is

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