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@cambridgeport90 each one of us has to do what works for ourselves. If you need to track in order to perform, do it. Check this website It seems its author takes the concept to a new level :)

@cambridgeport90 well, that is a valid approach. But I argue that if good habits have an impact on your daily life, we won't forget to perform them. But a log can be a good way to force their practice.

@pratik i stopped tracking all my habits. It's like being spyed by myself.

@tibz your wife has a huge talent and her design studio is awesome

@tibz Happy Easter to both of you

@tibz that's really sad. What a world we're living in.

@tibz beautiful Paris

@ohBananaJoe instructions are for kids only

@crossingthethreshold you have several online converters

@crossingthethreshold this may help

@paulopinto test reply

@maique Pedro e Ines is a classic

@maique @gregmoore that's a great idea full of artistic value. Congrats.

@maique I bought a manual coffee grinder (Peugeot) and I'm grinding the beans only when I want to have coffee. Then I put the coffee in the French press, brew it, and drink a delicious cup. Once in a while I drink a "bica" just to remind me how delicious is.

@gpittman yea, it is

@chrisaldrich what is your procedure to transfer marginalia in physical books to your digital archive?

@Burk there's a bug. I'm clicking OK and nothing happens.

@pimoore they are. I was referring to Wordpress. I should have mentioned it.

@Gaby HBday!

@maique In the North we call it "café" or "cimbalino"

@simonwoods You don't need an account and you can use Obsidian for whatever you want: Second Brain, Zetllekasten, LYT, Task Manager, Project Manager, et all.

@simonwoods that's one of the reasons that makes me love Obsidian

@maique that's unforgivable

@amit I keep it short by just saying what I'm doing now or my actual mindset.

@maique Granma was slow....but she was old!

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