@tibz 2022 is officially one of the worst years of my life. I'm with you.

@billharrison Hi Bill. Thanks. I read that this book was organised by Nietzche's sister and may contain some issues. Yeah. Nevertheless, it's great. Season Greetings.

@maique Indeed. Q has great color rendition. But it's not only color. There's something colorful in your compostions. It seems everything is placed manually to express a certain mood. It does not meaning PRO necessarily. It means EYE.

@maique you're a color (colour) master

@maique I have a close affinity with Chaves. One of my best friends lives there. I am a regular visit. Nice tattoo.

@maique no pic no true

@maique thanks!

@maique can you give me some names?

@maique you should know by now: i'm a dark guy

@maique i luv japanese old school post-war aesthetic. Ravens, by Masahisa Fukase, is one of my favorite photobooks.

@maique deceased ones? :-)

@Munish thanks. It’s a beautiful piece, yes.

@brid.gy wilco

@Ron thanks. Always nice to read a fellow ham. 73

@maique I get up at 3 to pee and then go back to sleep

@maique so cool 😃😃😃 your drawing is amazing

@maique when the time to choose my stamp came, I had no doubts. It must be maique’s artwork.

@Mandalorian old and wise

@maique you should see mine :)

@JohnPhilpin hehe :)

@pimoore many thanks

@chrisaldrich pob lwc

@pimoore I’m still in love with Arch Linux and Fedora:)

@Munish hopefully

@amit many thanks

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