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I installed #grapheneOS on my Pixel 6a and won’t regret it. Only caveat for me is missing iOS aesthetics, but gaining security and privacy is a +++

If you want to be able to change your phone battery, or fix your broken camera, buy a #fairphone

Der Untergang des Abendlandes

Test post using #GrapheneOS

Probably one of the best shots of 2022…

This song reminds me when I was a teenager and Funk&Soul had such a vibe in my life…

My Radio Outpost is at… It’s mainly in portuguese, but I think a good translator will help.

Actually reading…

How good is a podcast? As much as good as the ability of the author to communicate and the appeal the subject has. On this case, it’s both of them.

I think you’d like to know that I now have an Obsidian page for my Digital Garden at (auf Portugiesisch) #obsidian #digitalgarden

My reflections about annotation:…

Just signed the web0 manifesto at

I am using to verify my identities…

You can see what books I am reading or read, and those that I wish to read, at:… is doing a great job with new features and attention to some unusual details, like tildeverse. My profile webpage is parked at #omg

This is Mike calling the International Space Station

My beautiful CREPAS Hydrographer. More at…

Radio contact with the International Space Station

Listen to my radio contact with NASA Astronaut Kjell Lindgren aboard the International Space Station. The contact was made yesterday, 25th July 2022, at 2256 UTC.

Here’s mine. Now, that I have a Laco, will use it only at weekends. @purisubzi @maique @helgeg

Finally, my new LACO Friedrichshafen 45mm arrived. It’s a type-B Uhr replica of WWII Luftwaffe Pilot Watches.

A glimpse of my last photos #photography

“Facebook’s scientists famously claimed, in a peer-reviewed journal, that they could make people sadder just by tweaking the algorithm that generates their content feeds—and that those affected did not know what was going on” Jaron Lanier…

New Portuguese stamps

Arrived #audiophile #focal #headphones #hifi

Is it possible to use a iFi DAC with a Pinephone? #audiophile #pinephone

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