dt is algo talking abt gemini open.lbry.com/@DistroTu…

Terminal client #amfora is also a nice alternative for #geminiprotocol github.com/makeworld…

Using #deedum as my iOS gemini browser

My gemini server is running with agate and my capsule is taking shape. More to follow. gemini://w3bk3rn3l.xyz/

Why don’t you make a gemini website? #geminiprotocol open.lbry.com/@hexdsl:7…

Become an FSF associate member my.fsf.org/join

Want to use Free and Open Source Software alternatives? Take a look at switching.software #privacy

This an aerial view of my town

Grieving two living children for 22 years

14th October 2020 09:44 Local Time City Hall Guimarães, Portugal

This is my working place. Where my life unfolds for the most part of the day.

A Day In The Life: Micro.blog photo challenge #adayinthelife

Want to use Free and Open Source Software alternatives? Take a look at switching.software

9/27 - Turning 55 today. Celebrating palindromes since I was 11 yo.

Take a look at europa.eu/citizens-… #petition

It has been a while since my last micro.blog post. I’m back #microblog

This is the second image I received today from the International Space Station. These images are transmitted via radio in SSTV (Slow-Scan Television) mode on the ham frequency of the ISS.

I’m feeling very tired! Since March, with pandemic, I’ve been involved in a extremely demanding task that I’m trying to accomplish the best I can. Right now, I need Holidays!

Students in Rio de Janeiro talk to the Space Station

A multi-point telebridge took place today between students of the American School of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, and astronaut Chris Cassidy KF5KDR, aboard the International Space Station. A multi-point telebridge contact means that each student will be on the telebridge from their own home: the students will be talking with the ISS from their homes over phone lines. This is the audio recorded at my @SATNOGS Ground Station. #hamradio #iss #ariss…

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This the fastest I could run after 2 weeks of daily training #morse #cw #hamradio

Mood for the day #industry #collaborative #digitaltransition

NOAA-15 catch of the morning (Raspberry Pi 4 + discone Antenna) #weather #satellites #NOAA

Manjaro mood for the evening!

My radio contact with Frank Culbertson Jr.

This is one of my radio contacts with the International Space Station. The Expedition 3 crew launched on August 10, 2001 aboard STS-105 Discovery and docked with the International Space Station on August 12, 2001. Frank Culbertson Jr. lived and worked aboard the station for a total of 129 days, and was in command of the station for 117 days.…

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I saw it! Neowise. Naked eye = nill. Binoculars 10x50 = beautiful diffuse and milky body. Made my day.

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